Site Updates

Well a bit of progress to report.

I’ve been working hard, though mainly due to my day job, but I do have some plans lined up for my work on vba-m, one of the main ones I have to do would be integrating the new FAudio within it, and the best part of FAudio is that it is pretty damn a good replication of XAudio2.

Now that isn’t to say Xaudio2 is going away in vba-m, at least for a little while yet, but once FAudio stabilizes eventually the XAudio2 code will be deprecated and a new cross platform FAudio driver will sit within vba-m which gives all supported platforms what windows users have always had with the XAudio2 code.

The other thing on my list would be to configure a language switcher, I’ve been working on this, at least in discussion, with RKitover so that people should be able to switch to their native language on any PC without any restarts.

Playing with DXUP and DXVK

So first of all, DXUP is still pretty early on in getting dx9 upconverted to dx11, in which the mature DXVK translates dx11 to vulkan.

My goal this post was to test out a few games and see how well dxup is evolving and to my surprise… fallout 3 didn’t handle things well. And something happened. I’ve recorded a video to show what I mean.

If you want to give DXUP a try here is the project page

And for DXVK the project page is this

Welcome to 2019

So, some of you may of come to this site and noticed in the past that this was pretty much a dead beat website with nothing in there, save a wordpress site, or for those that I know personally know that I also host my own git server on this domain.

However I’m hoping to change that entirely, I want this to be a meaningful blog of the games that I play, the projects I contribute to and also provide some builds of open-source software that may not have a 64bit counterpart (basically unofficial builds) or even just have fun with you all over at my profile.

I can’t really promise that I’ll keep this going, but I’ll definitely work hard to make this a site that people can at least have some good stuff they can take from.

Without further ado, I present to you the whole new casualgamer website.